Downtown (Maboneng Precinct) possesses immense potential to become the vibrant and dynamic artistic hub that celebrates the city’s rich cultural heritage, diversity and creativity talent.

By implementing a comprehensive strategy focused on community engagement, urban beautification, and cultural revitalization we aim to transform Maboneng into a thriving centre for art, fostering creativity, economic development, and community pride.


The purpose of the Art beautification project is to address the issue of urban blight and enhance the aesthetic appeal of our neighbourhood by transforming Maboneng into canvases for creativity and inspiration.

By partnering with government agencies, local artists, businesses and community stakeholders, we seek to:

Beautify Our Neighborhood

by Commissioning installation a large-scale public art installation that serve as the landmarks and focal points for the neighborhood, incorporating elements of local heritage, culture and identity.

Green Spaces and Urban Gardens

Integrating green spaces, community gardens into the neighborhood’s design, providing residents with peaceful retreat and cleaner atmosphere

1st Class neighborhood

To breathe new life into our streets and public spaces and to create a more vibrant, inclusive and welcoming neighborhood.

Transform and restore Maboneng

To breathe new life into our streets and public spaces and to create a more vibrant, inclusive and welcoming neighborhood.


In recent years, Maboneng, once a neglected industrial area in downtown Johannesburg, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Thanks to visionary developers and passionate artists, Maboneng has emerged as a dynamic neighbourhood, where creativity and culture thrive, and the streets buzz with energy and life. With its vibrant street art, busting markets and trendy cafes, Maboneng has become a magnet for tourists and locals alike, eager to experience its unique charm and creativity. But as is grows maboneg is faced with challenges that threatening the future the neighborhood.



despite its newly founded popularity, Maboneng is grasping with issues of filthiness that threaten to tarnish its reputation, and aesthetic appeal and undermine its status as a desirable destination.

Public Urination

The prevalence of public urination in Maboneng has become a growing concern that creates a negative impression of the neighbourhood, and it also poses health and sanitation risks for residents and visitors alike.

Night-clubs and Commercialisation

While Maboneng has flourished as an artistic hub, the proliferation of nightclubs and commercial development threatens to overshadow its unique cultural identity.


Loss of unique charm

filthiness and public urination put its unique charm and identity at risk. What was once a vibrant hub for art and culture is in danger of becoming just another commercialized district.

Threat to tourism

As Maboneng struggles to maintain its reputation as a unique tourist destination, there is a risk of losing visitors who are drawn to the neighbourhood’s artistic vibrancy and cultural diversity and it could have a detrimental impact on tourism revenue, and economic growth in the area


It is imperative that we take action through innovation to address the challenges facing Maboneng and preserve its unique identity as a tourist destination.

By implementing measures to address filthiness, combat public urination, and promote responsible development, we can ensure that Maboneng remains a vibrant and thriving neighbourhood for generations to come.

Together, let us work to protect the soul of Maboneng and uphold its status as a beacon of creativity and culture in downtown Johannesburg.


About the canvas project

The Maboneng Canvas Revival project is a comprehensive urban revitalisation initiative aimed at transforming the Maboneng Precinct into a globally recognized cultural destination through the strategic integration of public art, community engagement, and sustainable development practices. By beautifying underutilized building social cohesion and inclusion, the project seeks to revitalise the neighbourhood and stimulate economic growth.


To establish Maboneng as a world-class neighborhood that is culturally, socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.

Short term goal

Is to establish a project director and a team comprising representatives from local business owners, community organizations, artist government officials, and urban planners.

Long term goal

To establish The Maboneng Precinct as a globally recognized cultural destination, celebrated for its vibrant arts scene, inclusive community spirit, and sustainable urban revitalization efforts.

Achieving this long-term goal would involve sustained investment in artistic intervention, community engagement, and infrastructure improvements over several years. It would entail not only beautifying the neighborhood but also fostering a dynamic ecosystem of creativity, innovation, and social cohesion.

Arts on Main

Arts on Main was born from a collection of abandoned warehouses that have a great architectural character and were strategically allocated at the Eastern gateway of the city. now has evolved into the cultural heartbeat of Maboneng. Once forgotten space now pulsates with creativity, serving as a vibrant testament to the transformative power of art and community.